Close deals faster with digital sales rooms

Digital sales rooms are tailored spaces for stakeholders that provide everything required to seal the deal. It lets you quickly embed your sales collateral using our drag-and-drop editor and add a personal touch with custom video introductions.

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Create personalized sales rooms for your clients

Simply embed your existing sales materials such as an intro video, welcome notes, proposals, sales decks, contracts, meeting link. Our easy to use drag-and-drop editor supports almost any content.

Connect with clients

Record short video presentations of yourself

Video can be a powerful tool for educating buyers, driving faster revenue growth, and building deeper relationships with your reps. Doerkit allows you to add a personal touch to your sales materials by recording video narrations for each piece of content.

Stay in touch

Instant alerts when a client interacts with your sales room

You're a busy business owner and your time is limited. With alerts, you'll never miss a beat! Be alerted in real time, when your clients visits a sales room, so you can respond quickly.

In all browsers

Give instant access by sharing a magic link

To grant access to your sales room, all you need to do is invite your prospects. They will receive a magic link that allows them to view the content at their convenience, without the need to log in or create an account.

Chat interface

Keep the conversation going using our messenger

Our messenger allows you to engage with your buyers, negotiate with them, and keep everyone connected and on the same page. You can respond to their questions and participate in meaningful discussions, all in one place.

Flexible metrics

Make data driven decisions by leveraging our metrics

With Metrics, you no longer have to keep track of a thousand different numbers and spend hours trying to make sense of them. We do all the work for you, giving you the data you need in a clear and structured way.

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