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Tired of juggling multiple conversations across different platforms? Our unified inbox has got you covered. Save time with a single inbox for all your client communication.

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Streamline your client communication

Do you find yourself struggling to keep up with multiple inboxes when it comes to communication? Say hello to Doerkit that puts everything in one place - the unified inbox! It lets you easily manage all of your communication within the system.

Familar interface

Stay on top of messages with our chat-like interface

With Doerkit, you can send messages and communicate with your team or your clients in a conversational format, just like you would in a chat app. Plus, you can contribute to the conversation directly from your email inbox.

With less effort

Easily handle outgoing emails

Add you own email account to have full control over the outgoing system emails.


Parse incoming emails effortlessly

Forward all your incoming email to Doerkit and we will parse it according to your rules.

Be you always

Your company voice on everything

Make sure all outgoing emails matches your brand perfectly using the editor.

Easy to access

A unified inbox for all major system resources

Each major resource like projects or invoices have their own inbox where all the conversations for that resources are gathered to provide easy access to all assigned team members.

Easy for everyone

Use your email to start and uphold conversations

We all know how tiresome and difficult it can be to keep up with conversations. It's hard to keep track of your emails and we often end up missing messages. Conversations lets your client respond to message, directly from the comfort of their own inbox.

Available everywhere

Embed the customizable chat widget into any website

Make sure you are reachable from all your channels. Just include the widget snippet into your website and all conversations and messages will be automatically accessible within the Doerkit system. You also have full access branding your chat widget.

Save time

Save time by deploying automatic chatbot flows

With just a few clicks, your clients can access instant information, images, videos and helpful responses via our customizable chat widget. No need to wait for human intervention or search through an FAQ page. Put your lead capture on autopilot.

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