Save time & money by automating your tedious business tasks

Our automation feature is a lifesaver for ambitious businesses. It takes care of all those tedious tasks that take up so much time and energy, so you can focus on the stuff that really matters.

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Quick and easy

Create automation

Create a reusable automation workflow for all major resources.

Perfect flow

Add entry events

Add one or more event entry points and build upon them.

All connected

Add child events

Add child events to entry points to build coherent workflows.

Advanced flow

Act upon parent events

Send an email when for example an invoice has been paid.

Save time

Add automations matching your internal processes

With our process-driven automation engine, you can finally automate the work you've been doing manually and make it scalable. Build your own process, map it out and let our system take care of the rest. Automatically send emails, assign user and much more.


Trigger your actions upon system or user events

You're in control of how your automations should trigger, what they should do, and for how long. They can be triggered by system events like status changes or a user action. The actions that you can take are limitless, from sending a notification to an email to assigning users or creating new resources like invoices using templates.

Never miss a beat

Follow up instantly and win more clients with less effort

This is a game changer for every business owner, who is looking for a way to automate repetitive work. With automations, you can forget about time-consuming tasks like following up with clients and writing sales email templates.

Stay you

Communication that feels like you at every moment

Automation is not just about getting more done and being more efficient, it's about keeping your personality and brand intact when communicating with your clients. You will always have full control over both the design and the voice of your communication.

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