Enjoy a battle tested project management workflow

If you're tired of juggling a million different things for your projects, our project management feature is here to help. It's got everything you need to stay organized and on top of things - tasks, meetings, events, time reports, expenses, invoices, proposals - you name it.

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Stay organized

Easily list and filter your projects - organized by default

Simplify the way you list and filter your projects with our user-friendly system, enabling you to easily organize and locate the specific projects that matter most to you.


Never miss the details

A bird-eye view of your project data - never miss the details

Gain a comprehensive overview of your project data at a glance, empowering you to visualize and analyze key insights from a high-level perspective.


Manage who sees what

Easily manage project permissions for all your contributors

Take the hassle out of managing project permissions with our user-friendly solution, allowing you to effortlessly control access and collaboration without breaking a sweat.


Take on more work

Manage your project, split into easy workable tasks

Break down your project into manageable tasks, allowing you to track progress, allocate resources, and ensure a smooth workflow from start to finish.


Never miss billable

Easily record worked time and get paid in no time

No more pen & paper. With Doerkit time tracking, it's easy to track time and get paid for it, fast. Ideal for freelancers and startups. You can even invoice your clients the final bill at the end of the month in just a few clicks!


Save time and money

Run effective meetings with clients and co-workers

Join the meetings revolution! Let's get down to business with a our meeting app, perfect for your business. Doerkit lets you create, manage and run meetings, and always stay on top of what's decided. Whether it's a quick chat or a full-blown board meeting - Doerkit is the meeting tool of your dreams.


Get paid on time

Create and send professional invoices with ease

Hooray! You've found one of the best invoicing apps there are. Finally you can send professional looking invoices, track when they're viewed or paid, easily create recurring invoices or let your clients pay in installments.


Keep your eye on the price

Manage your work with laser guided focus

Have you ever found yourself stuck on a project, not sure where to begin or how to proceed? Well, try tasks! It's like having a personal task-management assistant that helps you break down your projects into smaller, bite-sized tasks and subtasks.


Create and send winning proposals that convert

Create a proposal that will wow potential clients with just a few clicks. No need to be an expert copywriter and lawyer, Doerkit does all the work. It helps you to create proposals that are legally binding, professional, and polished. With our excellent editor, you can design and customize everything from the layout to the colors of your proposal in minutes.


Request information from clients through forms

It's time to stop wasting paper (and ink) for your forms. Forms is an online form builder that lets you quickly set up a form, then share it through a link. It's perfect for collection information from your clients and co-workers. With Forms you can create beautiful forms that work on any device in just minutes!


Share instructions and knowledge through wikis

Ever wanted to find a way to share instructions, manuals, and knowledge with your clients? With Doerkit, you finally can! Our wiki solution helps you create comprehensive and complete wiki pages that are easy for your clients to read and understand.

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