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Keep your leads neat and organized

Our lead management system is designed to help you keep your leads organized and moving through your sales process with ease using our kanban boards.

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Find your next big paying opportunity

Our lead sourcing feature allows you to quickly and easily search for leads and add them to a list of saved leads. With advanced search filters!

Always stay in touch

Comprehensive contact details

With Doerkit, you'll never be out of touch with your clients. You'll always know how to reach them with links, phone numbers, and email addresses.

Automate everything

Take the pain out of documenting and focus on building relationships

You will be able to keep track of every discussion that was ever made and every agreement made.

Stay of page

Access details from previous client meetings quickly

Client meetings are important, but it's easy to forget what was discussed and what actions needs to be taken. With Doerkit, you can organize and store all of your meeting notes in one place.

Complete history

Always know what work you have done for the client

Want to keep track of your client work? With Doerkit you can store everything from contact information to important dates and even contracts. You can also keep a full list of previous work.

Be you all the way

Record a shareable short video presentations of yourself

Create an unforgettable first impression by recording a short welcome video presentation of yourself for the client. Right in the comfort of your browser. No plugins required!

Keep it full

Keep your pipeline full of opportunities, at all times

Experience a continuous influx of valuable opportunities, ensuring your pipeline remains consistently brimming with growth potential and success.

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