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As an entrepreneur, you know the struggles of keeping your startup afloat. Doerkit is here to help! We are all entrepreneurs, and we know what it takes to make fast but stable progress. We offer a way to build scalable structures and processes so your growth will be easier and let you focus on what's really important: your customers.

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Take the stress out of building a unicorn


Scale quickly

You'll get everything you need to build a company that can scale quickly and be ready for expansion.


Pay only for one app

Running and maintaining many apps will consume both time and money, leaving less for yourself and your business.


Build healthy processes

We help you build robust and health internal structures that will not stand in your way when growing.


Build structures early on to scale faster

Doerkit helps you plan for future growth by building your company's structures, processes, and company culture early. Get it now and you'll be ready to scale!


Manage structured and productive meetings

No matter what size your business is, you're going to have a lot of meetings. But the way you're holding them can make or break the outcome.


Work with customers in a professional manner

Customer service is one of the most important things for a business to thrive. An open and honest customer service can be the key to success.


Boost your internal company culture

Culture is a powerful force that can either amplify what you're already doing right in your organization, or hinder any efforts to improve. Get it right!


Save a lot of money by paying for only one tool

Do you need to save money but don't know where to start? Stop using multiple tools and start using one. Why pay for multiple tools when you can pay for only one?


Get full control over company paperwork

Stop wasting time looking for company documents. Keep all of your paperwork under control by automatically organizing them in a single location.

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Truly powerful software with simple, straightforward pricing

It's time for pricing that's simple and fair and that gives you access to the whole range of features out of the box.

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Doerkit is a platform built with you in mind

We believe that a service, that empowers other entrepreneurs and their businesses, should be reliable, feature rich, constantly evolving, work by sustainable practices and come at a reasonable price.

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